VEDEQSA INC belongs to Lamirsa Group and was founded in 2006 following the registration in the USA of LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate),

a preservative approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2005.

Product lines:

MIRENAT®: Food preservative based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate)

AMINAT®: Preservative for Cosmetics based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate)

MIRCAP®: Microencapsulated additives and specific ingredients for food

Food preservative based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate)

Preservative for Cosmetics based on LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginate)

Microencapsulated products for Bakery, Meat and Confectionery





At VEDEQSAINC, achieving full satisfaction of our customers’ needs is nothing less than the main focus of our daily effort.

That is why we carry out an important R&D activity, which allows us to foresee convenient and sustainable solutions,

all of them carefully adapted to each area of the food and cosmetics sector.





At VEDEQSAINC, our expert team works daily to offer effective and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the changing market.


 50 years of experience serving the food and cosmetic industries allow us to offer products adapted to each customer.


Lamirsa Group is in constant developmet increasing the international presence, through a commercial network of experts.







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